Odeibea Foundation Hosts Maiden Community Advocacy on Climate Change and Health

On May 21, 2024, the Odeibea Foundation in partnership with Rebead successfully organized the “Let’s Talk Climate Change and Health through Crafts” program in Peki Avatile, drawing a crowd of about 200 enthusiastic participants. The event featured insightful discussions on the intersection of climate change and health, as well as essential health education and skill-building sessions for the community.

The chairperson of the program her royal highness Nana Ayim Kyerebea I stated that climate change is a serious issues that poses dangers to our health especially the reproduction system in women and girls. She encouraged participants to pay key attention to the education and training as it will be of benefit in their daily lives.

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Miss Patricia Odeibea Bekoe the Executive Director for Odeibea foundation a prominent climate and environmental health advocate, delivered a compelling education on the significance of climate change and its far-reaching impacts on public health. She highlighted how rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and changing ecosystems are not only environmental issues but also critical health concerns. Miss Patricia emphasized that climate change can worsen respiratory diseases, heat-related illnesses, and vector-borne diseases, urging the community to take proactive steps in mitigating these risks through sustainable practices and awareness.

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Following the education by miss Patricia, Mrs. Rosemary Thelma D. Akortsu a senior staff midwife at the Ho Teaching Hospital together with Miss Diana Brenda Boateng Adu the incharge at the Peki Government Hospital led an important session on reproductive health, focusing specifically on the dangers of ectopic pregnancies and teenage pregnancies within the community. They provided valuable information on the symptoms, risks, and necessary precautions to prevent ectopic pregnancies. Furthermore, they addressed the high incidence of teenage pregnancies, discussing the social and health implications and the importance of education and support systems to empower young girls to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Mrs. Elsie Klu, known for her expertise in craft-making, concluded the program with an engaging workshop on basic bead-making techniques. Participants were thrilled to learn a new skill, which not only fosters creativity but also offers potential economic benefits. The hands-on session allowed attendees to create their own beaded accessories, encouraging them to explore this craft further as a hobby or a small business venture.

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The Odeibea Foundation remains committed to empowering communities through education, health awareness, and skill development by addressing critical issues like climate change, reproductive health and offering practical skills training. The Let’s Talk Climate Change and Health through craft program was a resounding success, thanks to the comprehensive and interactive sessions provided by the speakers. The foundation seeks to put together a community owned skills Hub to help train teenage mothers in various skills to sustain their livelihoods.

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